The useful life of galvanization depends on four factors:

  • Thickness of zinc coating
  • Rainfalls’ acidity to which it is exposed
  • Level of acid pollution in the atmosphere
  • Erosion caused by sand and dust carried by the wind


"Life" is the time during which the zinc coating prevents the corrosion of the steel through sufficient zinc thickness.
Far from the coast, industrial zone, heavy industries Minimum life ≈ 20 years
Inshore area, industrial zone, heavy industry Minimum life ≈ 20 years 
Far from coast, urban environment, light and medium industry Medium life ≈ 30 years
Inshore area, urban area, farming area Medium life ≈ 30 years
Far from coast, farming area Longer life ≈ 65 years



Hot-Dip galvanized steel can be indefinitely reused without limit of application. There is a clear difference between a steel beam, which after being remelted can get any form and function, and a concrete beam, whose concrete after being separated from the rebar, can just be re-used as inert, like sand and gravel, but it will never become cement again.


More than other treatments against corrosion, hot-dip galvanizing reduces the consumption of steel, of oil and of electricity; it reduces the production of waste and the consumption of cooling water in power plants and in steel industries; it avoids the emissions responsible for greenhouse, acidification, destruction of the ozone layer, eutrophication and formation of photochemical oxidants.